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Technology & Innovation

Octave has reinvented the memory foam mattress, again. Shop Now
Updated: May 25, 2024

Canada's Best Memory Foam Mattress

Octave is the choice of more than 20,000 Canadian sleepers.

Canada's Best Memory Foam Mattress
Canadian Living

“State-of-the-art foams”

Canada's Best Cooling Mattress
Best Health Magazine

“Advanced cooling features”

Best Specialty Foam Mattress
Reader's Digest

“A masterclass in thoughtful design”

Most Innovative Mattress

“Mattress is a game-changer”

A Look Inside Your Octave Mattress

Next-generation technology that makes it "Canada's Most Innovative Mattress."

CryoFusion™ Cooling Nanofibres

Super Cool to the Touch

Many mattresses are made with a standard polyester knitted cover. Octave takes it to the next level with CryoFusion™cooling nanofibres. This proprietary fabric is engineered with polyethylene, which has been scientifically tested to improve air permeability, increase heat conductivity, and create the cool feeling on contact. (Source)

The result is the most refreshing sleep you've ever experienced.

Standard on Octave Vista, Mirage & Horizon

A Dream

"I have to admit, I did a little homework and I found the bed of my dreams. Cool, comfortable and just simply delicious. I love my bed and I get a little giddy in anticipation of crawling into bed at night."

Andrew E. Verified Buyer

CopperGel™ Memory Foam + PolarMAX®

Climate. Controlled.

Memory foam mattresses of years past were known for absorbing and retaining body heat. Not so with Octave.

Copper, one of the universe's best heat conductors, is injected into our cooling gel memory foam for enhanced cooling. Copper is also naturally antimicrobial, helping to eliminate odour-causing bacteria in sweat.

Next, we apply PolarMAX® phase-change material to the central section of the mattress. Phase-change materials manage thermal energy by absorbing and releasing heat, helping your Octave stay at the perfect temperature.

Standard on Octave Vista, Mirage & Horizon

PolarMAX® - closeup of the Copper Gel memory foam and Phase Change Materials layer.

Best Night's Sleep in Years

"The mattress stays very cool and no more pressure-point pain. Highly recommended!"

Sarah D. Verified Buyer

Aerated Latex Foam

Real, Natural Rest

Often the finest materials aren't made by humans, but by Mother Nature. Latex, which is sourced from rubber trees, has many qualities that make it ideal for mattresses: supportiveness, responsiveness, durability, and sustainability.

Our latex foam layer also features exceptional cooling properties, thanks to the hundreds of precision air vents that help fresh air circulate through the mattress.

Standard on Octave Mirage & Horizon

Stylized graphic of the aerated latex foam layer found on Octave Mirage and Horizon mattresses.

I Like My Octave Mattress Very Much

"I have back and neck compression of the spine although I am still having nerve pain (while I wait for surgery), I no longer am experiencing pressure points with my new Octave mattress."

Brenda D. Verified Buyer

ecoLuxe® Cooling Gel Foam

More Comfort. Less Carbon.

Octave's ecoLuxe® cooling gel foam gently cushions and supports your shoulders, hips, and knees. It also helps dissipate excess body heat for a cooler sleep surface.

Plus, this 4th-generation memory foam has the same durability as high-density memory foam, while using up to 40% less carbon input during manufacturing.*

Comfort and sustainability, it's a great combination.

Standard on Octave Horizon

Stylized graphic of the ecoLuxe® cooling gel foam from Octave Horizon mattresses.

*Tested to ASTM D3574-I3 Procedure C, against 4 lb memory foam.

Amazing Bed

"I should have bought one of these beds years ago. Getting an amazing sleep on the new bed. No back pain anymore and no movement felt when either one of us gets up. Very happy with our purchase!"

Keith S. Verified Buyer

Premium Elastex® Foam

Bounce-Back Ability

Is it hard to change positions on your current mattress? Does it leave you feeling stuck?

Octave mattresses feature a cushy, responsive feel from the Elastex® foam layer. At a microscopic level, millions of interconnected foam cells absorb energy and spring into action, giving you just the right amount of bounce. This makes it easy when shifting between your stomach, back, and side throughout the night.

Standard on Octave Vista, Mirage & Horizon

Like Sleeping on a Cloud

"I was skeptical of a foam mattress but it is very comfortable. I bought it for a spare room but I quite like to sleep there myself. My granddaughters also think it's the best bed too!"

Diane S. Verified Buyer

Multi-Zone Support Foam with Air Channels

Foundation to Great Sleep

More than just the base layer of foam on Octave mattresses, this component has a few clever design features:

  • High-density foam ensures durability and stability while positioned on a bed frame
  • Cross-line air channels provide continuous airflow, keeping the mattress cool and moisture free
  • 5 pressure-relief zones offer enhanced cushioning for the shoulders and knees, with extra support for the head and hips

Standard on Octave Vista, Mirage & Horizon

Tried 5 Online Mattresses, This Is The Winner!

"I've ordered beds for 5 different online 'Best in Canada' mattress companies in the last 6 months looking for a new mattress. This is the keeper!"

Mary K. Verified Buyer

Octave, Canada's Best Memory Foam Mattress. Start Your 365-Night Trial!

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