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Best Cooling Mattress

Do you sleep hot? Get the most refreshing sleep on the award-winning Octave mattress. Shop Octave
Updated: May 25, 2024

20,000+ Canadians Sleep Cooler on Octave

Recognized for excellence by leading publications across Canada.

Best Health Magazine
Canada's Best Cooling Mattress

Canadian Living
Canada's Best Memory Foam Mattress

Canada's Best Memory Foam Mattress

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Best Specialty Foam Mattress

Most Innovative Mattress

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See Why Hot Sleepers Choose the Octave Mattress

Octave has 6,000+ verified reviews, overall rated 4.7 stars!

I Don't Fear My Bed Anymore!

I need a mattress that stays cool. My old memory foam mattress was so warm and uncomfortable, but this one isn't. Highly recommend!

Pamela V. Verified Buyer,
Octave Mirage
Very Cooling!

After chatting with a kind and helpful Octave representative, I ended up choosing the Octave Horizon for the innovative mattress construction, the cooling technology (very important for me!), and the firmness of the mattress versus my weight.

Claudine J. Verified Buyer,
Octave Horizon
Super Comfortable

This is the 3rd mattress in a box I’ve tried. I have had back issues since a car accident 7 years ago. Only had this mattress a few weeks, but it’s the first time in years I wake up without significant pain or stiffness. Glad to have such a long sleep trial but so far so good!

Wanda H. Verified Buyer,
Octave Horizon
Queen Size Fit for a Queen

Wonderful mattress. Perfect support. Not too hard, not too soft. Goldilocks would like this bed and would say "This bed is just right!" My dog loves it!

Diane S. Verified Buyer,
Octave Mirage
Excellent Comfort and Support

We purchased an Octave mattress based on our experience with our Novosbed mattress. … Thus far, our experience with the Octave mattress surpasses our expectations and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Michel B. Verified Buyer,
Octave Vista
I Recommend This Mattress to Anyone

This mattress is awesome – not too soft, not too hard. Took all my back pains away, and my wife's shoulder pain. Very well made, good quality, and feels luxurious. [Octave] stays at a perfect temperature, hope it stays the same during the summer, time will tell.

Julio C. Verified Buyer,
Octave Horizon
1 / 5

4 More Reasons Why Octave Is Canada's Best Cooling Mattress

Feels Cool to the Touch (Really!)

Slide your hand across the top of Octave and see for yourself. The mattress feels remarkably cool to the touch. As if the heat is being pulled from your body.

How does it work? Octave's CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres. The top cover fabric is woven with polyethylene, which has been scientifically tested to improve air permeability, increase heat conductivity, and create a cool feeling on contact. (Source)

Thanks to Octave's advanced materials, a more refreshing sleep can be yours.

Softness and Cool Feel
"The quality of the mattress and the washable cover were obvious right away out of the box. I was blown away by the softness and cool feel ..."

Claudine J. Verified Buyer

Balances the Surface Temperature

What if a mattress could adjust to your body, giving you the perfect temperature? With Octave, it's a reality.

Every Octave mattress features our PolarMAX® phase-change material, applied as two cool-blue stripes across the middle of the mattress. Phase-change materials (PCMs) absorb and release thermal energy. This process of balancing the sleep surface helps keep your body at a more comfortable temperature all night.

It's like climate control for your bed!

PolarMAX® - closeup of the Copper Gel memory foam and Phase Change Materials layer.

Best Night's Sleep in Years
"The mattress stays very cool and no more pressure-point pain. Highly recommended!"

Sarah D. Verified Buyer

Dissipates Excess Heat

Memory foam mattresses of years past were known for trapping heat, causing hot and sweaty nights. Octave's next-generation foam layers have the solution.

ecoLuxe® cooling gel foam conducts heat and moisture away from the body.
Support foam with air channels provides continuous air circulation under the torso and legs.

Sleeping on Octave keeps you comfortable, cool, and dry – the ingredients to a refreshing sleep.

Waking up Refreshed
"Both my partner and I have had great sleeps waking up refreshed without aches and pains from pressure points. It’s a great couple's mattress in every sense."

Alasdair B. Verified Buyer

Save on Cooling Sleep Accessories

Octave didn't just design a mattress to let you sleep cool. We also engineered temperature regulation into each and every Octave bedding item. Learn more with these featured products:

Bamboo Sheets - Made with 100% natural bamboo fibres, these sheets do not trap heat or moisture. Shop Sheets
Down Alternative Duvet - The combination of a crisp cotton cover and lightweight fibre fill helps keep you cozy but never hot. Shop Duvet
Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow - Infused with cooling gel foam, which outperforms standard memory foam. Shop Pillow

SALE: Every Octave accessory includes a 15% OFF discount with Octave mattress purchase!*

Woman sitting on an Octave cooling mattress and touching her set of Bamboo Sheets

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"The sheets are perfect in every way… soft, cool, repels moisture. Everything they claim to be!"

Barbara P. Verified Buyer

Shop Canada's Best Cooling Mattress. Starting at Just $599.

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